Training means the process of preparation for some tasks. But here our main task is fitness and Conditioning for achieving high performance in games and sports. So it is called sports training. (Training Method for Flexibility Development)

Sports training is the branch of science which helps to increase sports performance. These are many types of training methods to improve performance by developing physically in a proper way. Sports training programs improve physical fitness components along with health and wellness.

Nowadays every sports competition is becoming tough, thus best training methods are developed and used to prove excellence. so lat’s talk about the training method for flexibility.

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Flexibility can be defined as “ the maximum range of motion at a joint,”

 The flexibility of individuals varies from joint to joint due to many reasons like the structure of joint, attachment of ligaments and tendon of joint, surrounding, muscles; lack of co-ordination between flexor and extensor muscles; injury, age, and fitness of the individual, etc.

Flexibility is very essential to perform many sports activities such as gymnastics, yoga, swimming, karate, and dance, etc. flexibility contributes to the efficient performance of all kinds of physical activities, including everyday tasks and sports.

An active flexibility training method

This method of training players performs flexibility exercise without any external help. Inactive flexibility method individual tries to achieve maximum flexibility of joint through muscular activities. Thus muscle fibers help to stretch joint to maximum range. This method is performed in two ways:

active flexibility training

Static Flexibility Method

These exercises are performed without any external help. Static stretching involves gently and slowly moving into the stretch position and holding for a certain period. Various yogic asana is also helpful for this like paschimotan asana, charka asana, Hal asana, Akamdhanur asana, etc.

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Ballistic Flexibility Method

The individual performs these stretching exercises while in motion. T It is very effective but experts do not recommend this method because it may overstretch the muscles and can cause injury.

This method includes exercises like swinging the trunk sidewards, forward, backward, swinging the legs to sides, upwards, backward, etc. It is performed without any external help.

A passive flexibility training method

Passive stretching techniques are usually performed with an outside force such as a partner who applies a stretch to a relaxed joint.

Partner stretching requires close communication between partners and the slow application of the stretch in order to prevent injuries. Some equipment is used as support such as stretch ropes, big role ball, bar stand, etc.

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