Environmental factors such as temperature during competition can hinder performance if not taken seriously. The average body temperature is 37°C (98.6°F). In cool and warm weather, wearing the appropriate gear to be able to perform at a high level is necessary. The impact of surface and environment on players is the most important issue to discuss.

For example, when playing soccer during the month of November in Canada, there is a good chance it will be cold. To reduce the risk of injury and poor performance, athletes have to do a proper warm-up, wear the appropriate clothing and stay properly hydrated.

environment and surface play an important role in a player’s life. we give full information about the impact of surface and environment.

In very hot and or humid temperatures, hydrating becomes extremely important. For athletes, cooling off using wet sponges, and wearing breathable clothing can minimize overheating.


The environment is the surroundings or conditions in which a person, animal, or plant lives or operates. It also affects an organism during its lifetime. The original word ‘environment’ came from the French word ‘environer’ which means ‘neighborhood’. Indeed, the environment is not a simple phenomenon but it is a complex phenomenon.

Definition of Environment. According to dictionary.com,

“Environment is the air, water, minerals, organisms and all other external factors surrounding and affecting a given organism at any time.”

Components of Environment

(i) Biotic Environment

(ii) Abiotic Environment

Types of surface

1. Hard surface: hard surface includes floor, wooden and synthetic surface. These are commonly seen in indoor stadiums. This type of surface has more chance of injuries like abrasion, dislocation, etc.

 2. Soft surface: Soft surface includes grass, soil, and synthetic grass. These are commonly seen in athletic stadiums, football grounds, and hockey fields. This type of surface has more chance of injuries like a fracture, ankle twisting. back injuries etc.


1. The surface should not be so hard in outdoor sports. The big hard surface can lead to injuries like leg injuries, head trauma, and dislocation, etc.

2. The surface should be on a proper level. It can provide a more balance of athletes while they playing in the motion.

3. Surface proper neat and clean. It gives them more mental happiness in players’ minds.

4. The surface should not be slippery. The surface is slippery due to the sweating of players So, in the indoor stadiums, the ground boy should pay attention during the match.


The sports environment is considered a healthy and positive environment. Sports environment is the conditions and circumstances in which sportspersons perform sports activities.

Sportspersons including the related persons to sports such as coaches, teachers of physical education and other officials, must know and pay appropriate attention to the sports environment.

Just like a seed to grow into a plant and then a tree needs proper air, water, sunlight and soil to grow, in the same way, all athletes need a healthy environment to become a world-class sportsman. Sports environment should safe, clean and healthy. 1t motivates individuals to perform physical activity in a healthy sports environment.

The positive sports environment consists of the following essential elements

Sports stadiums or sports complexes

 Stadiums should be constructed according to the requirement. The site of the stadiums must be free from air pollution and noise pollution. Currently, sports stadiums and sports complexes are equipped with all facilities like safe drinking water, sanitation, lightening sitting accommodation for Officials and spectators, etc. Keeping the surroundings eco-friendly.


 The playfields, courts or track, etc. should be well-laid, leveled and pleasing to encourage their use. The artificial playfields, courts, and track must be of good quality and as per international standards. They should be maintained properly.

Sports Equipment

 In a sports environment, the training equipment or playing equipment should be of good quality, moreover, according to game rules. The sports equipment, training equipment, sports kit, headgear, and shoes, etc. should be safe to use, protective in nature and of ISI trademark.

Normal Climatic Conditions

 For a positive sports environment, there should be a normal climatic condition. During the winter season, they should use indoor stadiums. Extreme heat and cold conditions may cause heat stroke, heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and frostbite, etc. sports authorities always keep consideration of normal climatic conditions for a positive sports environment.

Behavior of spectators

Spectator’s behavior contributes a lot. The motivation, encouragement and positive attitude of the audience boost the players to perform the best. On the other hand, misbehave, taunting or negative behavior give a negative impact on the player’s minds. They should have a positive attitude and behavior.

Attitude towards sports

 The general public and parents should understand the importance of physical education programs and must have a positive attitude towards sports activities. A positive attitude of the public really helps in creating a motivational sports environment.

Drugs, Tobacco and Alcohol-Free Environment

It is also important as well as an essential element of a positive sports environment. The coaches, parents, spectators, players and other officials should refrain from drugs, alcohol, and tobacco.

A safe place for Indoor and Water Sports

 Stadiums and places for indoor games should have fire extinguishers, emergency doors, electricity arrangement, and other facilities as discussed under sports stadium. In swimming pools, proper water filtration plants should be provided to keep the water clean and avoid health hazards.

Motivate Children for sports Participation

The playfields should be constructed for small children technically sound to promote sports participation among children. Because beautiful and multi-color playgrounds motivate the children to take part in sports. They take more interest in sports and games.

Avoid Injuries

The size of the playfields of courts should be determined on the basis of games and sports which will be played on that ground. The regular inspection of playfields and equipment is essential to avoid any accidents to players. If the playing surface is too smooth or too rough, chances of injuries to players are more.

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