Bone injury is a serious injury and in this article, we discuss bone injuries – types, symptoms, causes, treatment. so I hope my information about bone injuries will give you deep knowledge about bone injuries.

bone injury is a very painful injury. If a bone injury is not handled properly, it may lead to permanent disability thus, to be handled by an expert Doctor.

Bone injury can be classified into two categories



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 Fracture is a broken or cracked bone mainly caused by terrible force due to accidents. It is caused due to direct or indirect impact, collision, falls, accidents, etc. in different sports.

A fracture can be categorized as follows :

 Simple Fracture

The fracture without any wound is called a simple fracture.

Compound or open fracture

 In this fracture, there is cut over the skin by the sharp edges of a broken bone or by external objects along with broken bones. Generally, the broken bone comes out through the skin by tearing it.

Green Stick Fracture

These fractures are commonly seen in children because their bone is very soft and delicate whenever there is any stress on the bone or it is bent.

Comminuted Fracture

When a bone is broken up into many small pieces. It is called the comminuted fracture. Such a type of fracture is possible in cycle race or motorcycle race.

Impacted Fracture

The broken bone is driven into another bone. It is called an impacted fracture.

Complicated Fracture

Bone is crushed, moreover, the delicate organs like the brain, heart, liver, kidney nerves, blood vessels, etc. are damaged by it. These types of fractures are complicated and dangerous. Such fractures are common in high jump and pole vault.


there is severe pain, swelling, numbness, tenderness and bruising at me o! the fracture. The affected parts are painful and can’t be moved easily.


  • The mobility of damaged fragments of bone should be prevented by using splints. slings and bandage.
  • Try to locate the fracture by touching very gently.
  • if there is a compound fracture neither use any antiseptic nor wash the wound. At that time, use the dry and disinfectant bandages.
  • Careful and comfortable transportation of injured should be planned for the hospital to seek medical treatment.
  • In the case of fractures, with appreciable displacement, the immobilization is done after a satisfactory corrective reduction. Immobilization is done by using plaster of par’s casts.
  • If there is fracture infemur, anesthetics should be given to the injured athlete and the affected should be immobilized.

Joint Injuries

The dislocation of a joint is the main injury. Intact is a dislocation o the surface of bones.

definition of dislocation

Dislocation – When the bones displaced from its original position, it’s called dislocation. Dislocation is the main injury of joints.

 Symptoms of dislocation

 Intense pain, total loss of functioning, swelling of the joints, tenderness, maybe temporary paralysis of the injured limb, etc.

 Treatment Of dislocation

  • All movements of the patient should be restricted to prevent complications.
  • Ice packs could help to relative pain, or to reduce the inflammatory swelling.
  • A patient must be rushed to the hospital to seek medical treatment.

Dislocation of lower Jaw

Generally, it occurs when the chin strikes to any other object. It may also occur if the mouth is Opened excessively.

Dislocation of Shoulder Joint

The dislocation of the shoulder joint may occur due to a Sudden jerk or a fall on a hard surface. The end of the humerus comes out from the socket.

Dislocation of Hip Joint

By putting maximum strength spontaneously may cause dislocation of the hip joint. The end of the femur is displaced from the socket.


  • An adequate warm-up should be performed prior to any physical activity.
  • Proper conditioning should be done in the preparatory period.
  • Protective types of equipment should be used as per the requirement of the game/sport.
  • Always obey the rules and regulations.
  • The affected limb should be immobilised immediately by bandages. You should not try to adjust the dislocated limb.

The victim should be taken to the hospital promptly on a stretcher.

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