Training means the process of preparation for some tasks. But here our main task is fitness and conditioning for achieving high performance in games and sports. So it is called sports training.

there are many training methods for speed development we discussed all of them below.

Sports training is the branch of science which helps to increase sports performance. These are many types of training methods to improve performance by developing physically in a proper way.

Sports training programs improve physical fitness components along with health and wellness. Nowadays every sports competition is becoming tough, thus best training methods are developed and used to prove excellence.

Speed is an important component of sprinting and it is also required for almost all games and sports. Speed like strength and endurance is a conditional ability, but it can be developed to a limited extent by training speed is determined by heredity where players having more number of white muscle fibers do better in speed dominating activities.

Definition of Speed

 “It is the performance prerequisite to do motor actions under given conditions in the minimum of time”.

Speed can be developed indirectly by developing its dependent factors like flexibility, technique, explosive strength and co-coordinative abilities.

The training methods for speed development

(a) Acceleration running method

(b) Pace Running Training Method

Acceleration running method

This is the training method for developing the acceleration zone or speed up a zone in races. Acceleration is the capacity to attain maximum speed at minimum time.

In this training method, the athlete runs 20 to 30-meter distance with maximum speed to attain the top speed as fast as possible. The rest period is 2-5 minutes to provide sufficient recovery. This training is repeated 5 to 10 times with a sufficient rest period.

Acceleration runs should be started only after proper warming up. It is practiced 3-4 times a week. In this method speed or intensity is kept 90 to 100% of the total individual’s capacity. It is usually practiced when the competition is close.

Acceleration Run Schedule :

(i) Speed or Intensity: 90 to 100 percent of the best possible ability.

(ii) Distance or Duration of Work: 20 to 30 meters (4 to 6 seconds)

(iii) Number of Repetitions: 5 to 10 times.

(iv) Recovery Period: 2 to 5 minutes (sufficient recovery).

(V) Care: Perform proper warming-up, crouch position during start, first few steps of short distance, body bent forward.

Pace run method

The pace is setting a stable speed which is a very important part of the race. Pace running is running the complete distance at a constant or steady pace by distributing energy evenly in a race.

Pace running is used in races of 800 meters and above. If the pace is disturbed constantly then race is affected to a great extent. For this method, machines like treadmills can be used to provide stable pacing.

This method is practiced, when the competitions are close. In this method, the speed is kept around 60 to 90 percent of the best ability. The distance can vary from 200 to 800 meters. This method develops anaerobic endurance for a longer period, thus constant pace can be achieved. It is practiced 3 to 4 times a week.

Advantages of speed development training method

(i) It improves the reaction time of athlete, thus athlete takes a quick start as the race begins.

(ii) It develops the capacity of the athlete to adjust his top speed.

(iii) This method develops anaerobic endurance for a longer period, thus constant pace can be achieved.

(iv) The speed development training method develops the acceleration ability thus it helps the athlete to reach maximum speed at the starting.

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