Soft tissue injuries are the most common injury in sport. Soft tissue refers to tissues that connect, support or surround other structures and organs of the body. there are many types of soft tissue injuries we discussed below.

Soft tissue includes muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, nerves, fibrous tissues, fat, blood vessels, and synovial membranes.

There are Following types of Soft Tissue Injuries:


 2. Strain

 3. Sprain

 4. Abrasion


A contusion is a muscle injury. A direct hit with or without any Sport, the equipment can be the reason of contusion. A contusion is common in Boxing, wrestling, and Kabaddi.

  •  Sign & Symptoms

(i) Swelling and pain on the contused part

(ii) Stiffness over the area.

(iii) Discoloration under the skin. This starts from redness to turning blue or black gradually.

  • Treatment

(i) Apply a compression of ice or lint soaked in equal parts of spirit and water at the time of injury.

(ii) Continue ice massage three to four times a day.

(iii) After three days, apply heat instead of ice massage and massage gently to reduce swelling.

(iv) For the purpose of rehabilitation, the flexibility exercises should be performed carefully.


It is a muscle injury. This injury causes tearing or over starching of muscle fibers. Mostly sudden over starching in athletics cause tearing of quadriceps gymnastics, weight lifting, track & field.

  • Sign & Symptoms

(i) Swelling in the area.

(ii) Pain in moving the body part such as arm or leg.

(iii) Loss of strength in movement.

  • Treatment

 (i) The injured limb should be kept in a comfortable position.

(ii) Cold compression should be used immediately for 20 to 30 minutes. The direct application of ice is not recommended. The ice pieces should be wrapped in cotton or cloth.

(iii) If the pain still persists, some painkillers may be given to the injured player.

(iv) The injured person should be elevated.

(v) After 5 days warm water should be applied.

(vi) If many muscles or organs are damaged, a doctor should be consulted immediately.


 It is a ligament injury. It may occur due to overstretching or tearing of the ligament. Generally, a sprain occurs at the wrist joint and ankle joint. In such injury, Swelling, Inflammation, severe pain and tenderness are common symptoms.

  • Sign & Symptoms

(i) Swelling on the spot.

(ii) Acute pain at the injured spot.

(iii) Softness at the spot and pain on touching.

  • Treatment

(i) Don’t move the injured part and go for medical advice.

(ii) In mild sprain apply ice compression 3 to 4 times a day for three days and cover them properly.

(iii) After three days apply heat.

(iv) Light massage should be performed.

(v) In the case of an ankle sprain, ‘8’ type bandage should be tightened.

(vi) If the pain still persists painkiller should be given to the injured person.


Abrasion is a superficial injury of the skin. Abrasion occurs due to friction with certain equipment or fall over the area where the bone is very close to the skin. It occurs in the upper part of the skin. Such injuries occur in sports like Wrestling, football, Cricket, Hockey and track & field, etc.

  • Sign & Symptom

(i) Scraping of skin with some burning pain.

(ii) Some bleeding or 00zing at the abrasion spots.

  • Treatment

(i) Wash affected area with soap and warm water.

(ii) The injured part should be dressed up if the abrasion is severe. The dressing should not be done.

(iii) the anti-tetanus injection should be given as early as possible.

(iv) If there is severe pain, Painkillers may be given.


Cramp is the inability of muscles to contract properly causing severe pain over the affected part. In other words, this is the unbalanced contraction of muscles. The causes of the cramp are due to overstraining (without rest), loss of body water by sweating; physical activity during sickness, loss or lack of body slots or minerals, not performing proper warm-up, etc.

  •  Treatment

(i) Complete rest to the affected individual.

(ii) Drink sufficient water (preferably salty or JUICCS) during prolonged activity.

(iii) Massage over affected pan after some time.

(iv) pain is more, apply ice or cold compression for some duration.

(V) Preventing overexertion of muscles 1n excessive hot or cold climate.

so I hope you understand everything about soft tissue injuries and types of injuries so give you opinions in the comment box and react to this article according to your view. I hope this article gives you much knowledgeable information that helps you in your daily life.